Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011


California Sushi Rolls...
  1. Make rice (short grain or sushi rice)
  2. Cover the bamboo mat in plastic wrap.
  3. Nori (seaweed/algae)
  4. Cut up some avacado, cucumber and crab (choose what you like)
  5. Place the nori sheet at the end (toward you) of the mat.
  6. Spread a small handfull of sushi rice on the nori sheet, leaving a ¼ of an inch on either side..
  7. Shake on some sesame seeds..
  8. Flip the whole thing over (yes it's sticky enough that it's possible)
  9. Place chopped avacado, cucumber and crab meat along the edge (toward you) of the roll.
  10. Roll gently with even pressure.
  11. Cut roll in half..
  12. Align the 2 halves and cut twice into 6 even pieces.

So easy and super yummy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Costumes I made...

Tim Burton 9

(One piece suit: burlap and black cotton liner fabric)
(Headpiece: paper mache)

(Giant zipper: cardboard, hot glue, gold and bronze spray paint,
poster board, silver and grey crackle nail polish)

(Eye pieces: paper towel tube, poster board, silver and bronze spray paint)

(Staff: curtain rod, cardboard, ballon, poster board, 
silver and gold spray paint)

(Headpiece: Large cardboard box, gold spray paint, nylon, 
blinking eye lights and curtain rod knobs)

(Pants: old skinny jeans, masking tape and gold spray paint)
(Coat: old leather jacket, masking tape and gold spray paint)

Mad Hatter
(Bow tie: old shirt and food coloring)
(Tread sash: Old dress waist belt/sash and mini thread spools)
(Shirt sleeve: lace from an old shirt)
(Old pair for pants, old button up shirt and vest)

(Top hat: card board, poster board, old p.j. fabrics cut up and put together
feathers, card and hot glue)

Hello Kitty
(Ears: plain black headband, white felt, hot glue and pink fabric)
(Tutu: elastic band and bright pink/black/pink/white tulle)
(Plain pink onesie, hello kitty iron-ons)

Wonder Woman
(Accessories: gold and silver metallic fabric, poster board/fun foam,
and gold rope) 
(Boot top/covers: red satin fabric, gold metallic fabric
 and small piece of poster board)
(Skirt: royal blue satin fabric, white felt stars and elastic band)
(Top: red satin fabric, gold metallic fabric and poster board/fun foam)


( Old animal print dress cut up and tied together)

(Accessories: chicken bones dried out and painted white, 
tied together with brown yarn)

Snow White
(Plain headband: Thin and thick red satin ribbon)

(Skirt: yellow satin fabric and yellow sheer fabric)
(Top: royal blue satin fabric, white lace ribbon and thin red satin ribbon)

Alice in Wonderland

(Buttons: black satin ribbon, beer bottle caps, white/red nail polish,
hot glue and black marker)
(Dress: white satin fabric, baby blue satin fabric, thin and thick black ribbon
small piece red satin ribbon and white lace ribbon)