Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Costumes I made...

Tim Burton 9

(One piece suit: burlap and black cotton liner fabric)
(Headpiece: paper mache)

(Giant zipper: cardboard, hot glue, gold and bronze spray paint,
poster board, silver and grey crackle nail polish)

(Eye pieces: paper towel tube, poster board, silver and bronze spray paint)

(Staff: curtain rod, cardboard, ballon, poster board, 
silver and gold spray paint)

(Headpiece: Large cardboard box, gold spray paint, nylon, 
blinking eye lights and curtain rod knobs)

(Pants: old skinny jeans, masking tape and gold spray paint)
(Coat: old leather jacket, masking tape and gold spray paint)

Mad Hatter
(Bow tie: old shirt and food coloring)
(Tread sash: Old dress waist belt/sash and mini thread spools)
(Shirt sleeve: lace from an old shirt)
(Old pair for pants, old button up shirt and vest)

(Top hat: card board, poster board, old p.j. fabrics cut up and put together
feathers, card and hot glue)

Hello Kitty
(Ears: plain black headband, white felt, hot glue and pink fabric)
(Tutu: elastic band and bright pink/black/pink/white tulle)
(Plain pink onesie, hello kitty iron-ons)

Wonder Woman
(Accessories: gold and silver metallic fabric, poster board/fun foam,
and gold rope) 
(Boot top/covers: red satin fabric, gold metallic fabric
 and small piece of poster board)
(Skirt: royal blue satin fabric, white felt stars and elastic band)
(Top: red satin fabric, gold metallic fabric and poster board/fun foam)


( Old animal print dress cut up and tied together)

(Accessories: chicken bones dried out and painted white, 
tied together with brown yarn)

Snow White
(Plain headband: Thin and thick red satin ribbon)

(Skirt: yellow satin fabric and yellow sheer fabric)
(Top: royal blue satin fabric, white lace ribbon and thin red satin ribbon)

Alice in Wonderland

(Buttons: black satin ribbon, beer bottle caps, white/red nail polish,
hot glue and black marker)
(Dress: white satin fabric, baby blue satin fabric, thin and thick black ribbon
small piece red satin ribbon and white lace ribbon)

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