Sunday, October 30, 2011


California Sushi Rolls...
  1. Make rice (short grain or sushi rice)
  2. Cover the bamboo mat in plastic wrap.
  3. Nori (seaweed/algae)
  4. Cut up some avacado, cucumber and crab (choose what you like)
  5. Place the nori sheet at the end (toward you) of the mat.
  6. Spread a small handfull of sushi rice on the nori sheet, leaving a ¼ of an inch on either side..
  7. Shake on some sesame seeds..
  8. Flip the whole thing over (yes it's sticky enough that it's possible)
  9. Place chopped avacado, cucumber and crab meat along the edge (toward you) of the roll.
  10. Roll gently with even pressure.
  11. Cut roll in half..
  12. Align the 2 halves and cut twice into 6 even pieces.

So easy and super yummy!

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