Monday, January 2, 2012


Paper Flowers
... made with the pages of an old reading book...

These cute flowers can be used in many different ways. 
You can make a wreath, decorate a picture frame or gift.
Get some dried out branches and make a center piece for your room or bathroom.
Try it! 
Have fun and be creative.

My Material:
Old book
Hot glue

Start with a square shape. 
I used three sheets together to add a little volume. 
Remember they don't have to be perfect.
Using a pencil or pen draw a spiral circle onto the square. 
Cut along the lines that you have drawn continuing until you come to the center of the spiral leaving a small circle at the end.
Now you should have a long paper snake. 
Starting with the outside of the spiral roll the paper inward in somewhat of a cone shape. 
Start off rolling tightly (which will become the center of your flower) then loosely once to get to the edges.
Keep rolling until you get to the end. 
Put a little hot glue on the back to hold the shape. 
The circle that you left when cutting the spiral will finish the back. 


  1. Oh I know right... I want to make a wreath out of them to hang in our family room. I'll post a pic of how it comes out. :)